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Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder also offers the ability to capture webcam videos. Once the web camera is plugged into your computer, it will make professional-looking videos and enables you to create picture-in-picture videos as well If you want to create picture-in-picture videos, just click the camera icon on the toolbar while recording. You may also add a variety of effects, texts or callouts to liven up your videos.

What make this screen recording program distinctive is its character to create schedule task.

It allows users to create schedule task by pre-setting starting time, duration and recording area. It will save both your time and effort. After recording, the videos will be saved as standard MOV files.

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Install it, choose what you want to capture Screencastify can capture video outside of your browser window , enable or disable webcam and microphone capture, and click Record. During a recording, Screencastify positions a toolbox in the lower left corner of your browser that includes cursor settings toggling the focus bubble, adding click animations, and auto-hiding the cursor when it's inactive as well as a paintbrush to annotate content within a Chrome window.

How to install Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder

When you stop the recording, Screencastify opens the video in its web player and uploads the file to your Google Drive or YouTube account depending on how you've configured it. Click Copy Link if the content looks good as-is, or choose from the trim, split, or merge tools before publishing. What OBS Studio lacks in editing features, it makes up for with streaming and recording options.

For starters, the open-source app lets you create customizable "studios," preset audio and video configurations that you can cycle through during a recording. We created three studios during our test shown above : one for just the primary display and webcam, another for the secondary display and webcam, and a third for both displays and the webcam. Sizing and positioning elements within each studio is a simple click-and-drag affair, and cycling through them during a recording session is controlled with a hotkey.

With enough preparation, these audio and video presets eliminate the need to fuss with any settings while streaming live video via OBS's robust integrations. There are 44! Opening the Settings menu and pasting your stream key into the text box is all it takes to set up the one-click Start Streaming button on the main dashboard. Changes you make to a studio, such as sound mixing or webcam placement, are broadcasted live, so make sure you're ready. Any up-to-date Android device or iPhone has a built-in screen recorder and some basic video editing tools. But for those who need more functionality, Apowersoft's Unlimited package has a lot to offer.

It includes subscriptions to all 17 Apowersoft apps eight of which handle some sort of video capture or editing that can be launched from a single dashboard. There's one app for recording an Android screen and another for iPhones, both of which include settings we didn't see in any other apps, like resolution control, bit-rate throttling, framerate selection, and camera configurations.

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If you have Apowersoft's Unlimited suite, you can wirelessly cast a mobile device to your computer screen and use the desktop recorder to capture your computer's webcam, microphone, PC audio, and mobile device simultaneously. This is especially convenient if you want to show someone how to use an app that has a desktop and a mobile version. If there are similar features with dissimilar interfaces, showing them side-by-side would clear up any confusion.

The suite's video editor is pretty basic, but it will let you trim segments, add text overlays, and adjust contrast, brightness, and saturation. You can also buy the individual products at lower rates. Telestream's ScreenFlow adds a wow factor to your screen recordings, but it does have a steeper learning curve than other options on this list. Although its editor looks minimalistic at first, there's an overwhelming number of features to sift through.

By far the most valuable of these tools is Telestream's stock media library, which includes more than , images, audio clips, and videos some in 4k to put a professional sheen on your screen recording. Open the in-app library from the Features pane, search by keyword, then click and drag the media to your timeline. Other standout features include the ability to record your desktop at retina resolution i. The Styles and Templates tools allow you to group settings and video components so they can be applied with a couple clicks.

Templates lets you insert, arrange, and configure groups of elements in advance, such as branded intro and outro segments, text placeholders, and background music. Loom looks similar to Screencastify, but it's unique enough to earn a spot on this list. The most obvious difference is a minimalistic control interface that replaces Screencastify's annotation toolbox. If you enable Loom's webcam capture, it will be attached to the control interface as a floating bubble that can be moved or resized within a browser window.

Other browser-based screen recorders display the webcam feed in a separate window, and the Loom approach is much easier on the eye. The only drawback is that things can get a bit messy if you want to keep the webcam visible when capturing video outside of the browser. Another tiny but nice detail is the ability to pause and resume recording, which isn't as universal among screen capture apps as you might expect.

When you're done recording, the video is uploaded to Loom's cloud storage, and—as of this writing—all users have unlimited video storage. That's a huge benefit for anyone who creates a lot of support-related screencasts and has to keep a close eye on how much available cloud storage they have left. Loom does include a tool for trimming the beginning and end of your capture, as well as dead air in the middle, but that's it. With this tool, I can easily record my favorite gameplay, grab online videos, and many more. Hope it continuous to work flawlessly and hoping for adding function like video editing in the future version.


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You don't know what you're doing. Got Screen Recorder today. License code didn't work. Neither version worked with the MacUpdate serial. Apowersoft said they would reply, and I am waiting to see what happens. Hi, Jon!

Sorry for that, it seems that you have downloaded and use the wrong version. The same goes to me.

Download Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro for PC

The correct version should urgently replace the link here! I am also wondering why MacUpdate does not provide a download link in the confirmation email?! Like 1. This simple and inexpensive software is a feature rich gem. I can't believe they discontinued it, because it can record all, or part, of the desktop as well as anything the webcam can capture including sound from whatever source you choose.

It even has drag and drop video conversion capability. It may be too lean for a pro, but it is perfect for me. Customer service even responded the same day I bought the item and requested support. I never used the trial. Oh man, the other one, their Mac Audio Recorder, is crisp sounding and has an extremely elegant looking Mac style interface.

It goes well with my MacBook Pro, because like the Mac, it is actually quite soothing to the eye. These may have only been developed for Mountain Lion and then discontinued. Fortunately, All I can say is, I am fortunate to have acquired it before it bit the dust. Go to reviews 8. App requirements:. Intel 64 OS X