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This would change fast. Forged through fire and blood during the Great Patriotic War, the Red Army would soon become the mightiest war machine the world had ever seen.

15 Best Strategy Games for Mac (2018)

What's more, with their seemingly endless manpower and access to natural resources, the Soviets could produce more tanks, guns and aircraft When fighting a defensive war to protect the home island, the Japanese would dig in and fight a bitter fight to the very end. When that wasn't enough, driven by honor and loyalty, no sacrifice was considered too big. We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize your repeat visits and preferences, as well as to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and analyze traffic.

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Play now! Play now. The modern CCG meets classic wargaming. Warfare on a grand scale. United States Outproduce, outgun and bring hell from the skies.

World of Warships

Soviet Union The mighty Red Army At the outbreak of war, although large on paper, the forces of the Soviet Union were badly equipped, trained and organized. Join The Fight! Before you enter a mission, you are treated to video and audio presentations of its objectives.

Though levels are recreations of historical battles, they follow a familiar formula: most involve destroying enemy airbases, sinking enemy ships, or protecting craft from enemy attacks. While playing levels, you will often receive new level objectives through radio transmissions. At the beginning of most missions, you will find yourself in direct command of either a naval vessel or aircraft in a squadron. You can also control the actions of the squadron your vehicle is apart of, which means you can order other squadron members to line up, attack, and disband.

As you are technically the commander of all forces in a level, you can directly control almost every vehicle, craft, or gun in a mission, no matter the squadron.

Best Strategy Games for Mac

Using the E and R buttons, you can switch from controlling an aircraft carrier in one squadron, to controlling a plane in another squadron. Or, you can shift from manning a gun on land, to commanding a battleship at sea.

Game vehicles share the same WASD control scheme for maneuverability, but each has specialty controls for certain purposes. In levels, you often have to put out multiple fires at once.

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Sometimes, your enemy will attack three different parts of a level map. You can rotate between squadrons to handle all the attacks, but that can get complicated. In fact, you might say that far too much of your time is spent organizing your troops. The best way to handle the multiple enemy attacks is to press your Tab button, which will take you to a tactical map of a level with the location of all your squadrons on it.

While playing, I often neglected my duties as commander of one squadron so that I could command another. In a Regular mode level, I was able to leave a squadron of planes unsupervised to fend off enemy bomb attacks on one of my naval bases without having to constantly check in on their progress. The squadron, with little instruction from me, was able to handle the attacks.

Granted, the squadron lost a lot of lives, but they successfully fended off enemy bombers. However, I went back and played the same level in Veteran mode. In Veteran mode, I had to take a much more active role in commanding my plane squadron, as the enemy bomber planes seemed more intelligent and more maneuverable than they were in Regular mode. I often got really frustrated trying to make battleships and aircraft carriers turn.

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Battleships can only fire at enemy ships when parallel to them, and parallelism takes a lot more effort to achieve than it should. To me, most game vehicles seem to move very slowly. All too often, I felt like I was watching a pot try to boil while attempting to get a vehicle from location to the next. The only thing that boiled over was my patience. The universal WASD control scheme makes controlling game vehicles, from submarines, to fighter planes, to bombers not unique experiences.