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I'm obsessed with this liner which has great staying power. This one is really hard to find now so I've learned to buy in bulk.

If you line your lips with these and fill them in, they are comparable to the long wearing matte lipsticks. Add clear gloss for shine but it won't last as long. By Melissa Stokes. More brown than pink I have pale skin and naturally pink lips. I was hoping the all natural shade would work well for me, but it is much browner than I expected, which did not look good with my skin tone. By Babylove By Rimmel. Great Liner!! I decided I'd look elsewhere, and I'm so glad I did!! I love the color, and texture, and the Price is Excellent!!! Thank you very much!!

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By Msvuitton. Beautiful Staying Power!! They are very Easy to handle, and you may have to touch-up once after lunch or dinner. By AndiWill'sMom. Love this lip liner! So thankful I was able to find this here on Amazon because it is getting harder and harder to find. Long lasting and well for me just perfect. Gonna have to stock up now that I know I can buy this here. By Dina Flores. By Jordana Cosmetics. I have been buying Jordana at Walgreens for years but they no longer carry this brand. They are without a doubt the best mechanical eyeliners and lip liners on the market - regardless of price.

By TexxasGal. The color is richer and brighter than I expected and without being too dark or too light. I like that it isn't drying and that it blends well and also looks nice when used instead of lipstick. By evelina. It is very fine, but not paint brush fine. It rolls out to use thus no waste in trimming and it lasts. Even though my inside color with come off at meals or drinking liquids, the liner stays all day and remains even faint up to bedtime. It does not seem to seep in the fine lips lines either.

By rose petals. Lots of pigment here I love this stuff exactly for under the eyebrow and on the top and bottom of the eyelid would definitely recommend. And you get a sharpener. And I got 2 pink rose earrings. By Millie. The white shows through laser glasses very clear. By Jim. Suit my Purpose They suit my purpose but lead dulls extremely quickly. Use these to make a guideline while trimming beard so that shaping is easier.

MAC Lip Liners: Stripdown, Whirl, Spice, Brick

By Italia-Deluxe. Great colors!

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Definetly worth the money! Creamy and great color pay off! They are long too and great shades! By Nsgrn. Amazing value!! These are highly pigmented, long lasting, large sized lip liners for a terrific price! I am obsessed with the variety of colors in this 12 piece set : They vary from dark browns, deep purples, bright reds, matte nudes, to hot pinks!

I've included pictures to show how pigmented these colors are. As a makeup lover, I have a multitude of lip sticks, glosses, and stains and it can be expensive to buy individual lip liners to match all the colors.

This set achieves that for the price of 2 drugstore lip liners! These are also full size pencils!

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Longer than typical liners. The tips are fine but are easily buildable for thicker lines. The quality of the color is excellent, very creamy and easy to apply and sharpen. These last about as long as my lipsticks do and I didn't notice any irratation or breakouts after wearing.


By LiliBelle. Creamy but matte and stay on for a while! Definitely worth buying, esp for the price! By Caroline. You might also like. Best pencils for lips Recommended by Amazon customers. By Nabi Cosmetics. So I'll answer them myself here -is this real?


Yes -does it come with different colors? To be honest. You won't know. Each pencil is labeled and are packed according to number order. You will get a selection of the pencils within the given product pictures. For me.

I didn't get any of the glittery ones, but I love the matte colors so I'm not complaining. Not really. They do transfer to my cup and it did rub off a little after a slice of pizza. Extremely smooth. Super easy. Some of the lighter colors are light. But hey come on. It's light colors. It's super rich in color.

Should I buy it? By Amazon Customer.

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Pleasantly surprised! I honestly did NOT expect them to be this good. Oh, how I was wrong. These are some of the best lip liners I have ever used, in one of the pictures you see three swatches where I compared these to Kylie Lip Liners and NYX and these and the Kylie ones are almost identical in consistency.