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The perfect complement to your WISO tax software. Or even completely on your tablet - with in-app purchase for the delivery of up to 5 tax returns for only 34,99 EUR.

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Whether in the office, in the office, on the road or in the comfort at home on the sofa - now you always have access to your tax return. And to enter, quickly check or additions data. Flexible, comfortable, independent. The control data remain up to date, across devices: With your personal account you connect your WISO tax returns between desktop software, web browser and your Android Tablet.

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Security is capitalized with us! And we use the latest encryption technology to keep your data, your password and your account is absolutely safe - and stay that way. Suffice email address and password. Ideal for business and personal taxes, accounting and expenses. Detailed information on the current financial situation. This credit card calculator can throw up some shocking results. Browse the patterns to familiarize yourself with them.

Then quiz yourself on the patterns. A figure will be shown with 4 options, just pick the correct answer.

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Set it to pull prices and all currency pairs from your favorite coin exchange and get updates at your own pace from real-time to 30 minute in the status bar. Tax time is here! Are you ready for it? WithholdingCalc is an ad-free estimator for your pay check. Input your pay check gross pay, pre-tax deductions insurance, k, etc. Never pay your bills late again. This app sits in you dock and reminds you about all those annoying bills that are due in the very near future. Simplify your financial life with MoneyWiz. Have all your accounts, budgets and bills in one place!

With powerful reports, worldwide online banking and instant sync between all your devices! Property Evaluator is the most powerful real estate investment analysis software for the Mac.

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Cloud sync with StockSpy apps on other platforms and stores including iOS requires a separate purchase for each platform. Excel Templates for Microsoft Excel is the easiest way to create high quality spreadsheets with Excel. MoneyControl — the highly successful budget-book app for iPhone and iPad is now available for the Mac! SEE Finance is a comprehensive personal finance manager that allows you to track and monitor all of your income and expenses. The simplicity of this spending tracker is the reason why.

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