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Sometimes, when the quantity of material is not large you said you have only 10 tapes, is that right?

Transfer VHS tapes to your computer

I used ScanCafe. Oct 14, Houston. Costco has that service. They'll convert old tape media to DVD. BlueTide macrumors regular. Feb 6, 96 Silicon Valley, CA.

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RootBeerMan macrumors Jan 3, 1, 5, I've always had good luck with their software over the years. It's very good and intuitive software. Yea but the problem is VHS is analog, so the picture quality you get is dependent on the machine that plays it. A consumer VHS player you have laying around that you hook up to a USB converter, won't be nearly as nice as a commercial machine the services employ.

Reactions: BrianBaughn. Jul 3, 69 Check to see what your local library has to offer. You will see a special application for transferring VHS to your computer and for recording video from cameras, webcams, and other devices. First, connect your capture device to your computer. Next, connect your VHS player to the video capture device.

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How to transfer VHS tapes to your Mac

As many TV tuners are unable to capture audio, you may also need an additional cable with a 3. Locate the socket panel on your VCR — the yellow socket is usually the video channel the red and white ones are for the right and left stereo channels. Wait until the system recognizes the connected capture device, then turn the VHS player on and insert the first tape you want to convert. Go back to the video capture application on your computer. You can also adjust the settings manually:. Video Capture Device : your TV tuner or other device.

Audio Capture Device : your sound card or other device for audio capture. Save files to : the folder on your hard drive where you want to save the captured files. Now start playing the video cassette in your VHS player.

You can stop the capture at any time by clicking the Stop Capture button. After the digitizing process is complete, you'll find a copy of your VHS video in the folder you specified. When you buy this software, you also get PowerDirector, an excellent video editing application that lets you make improvements to your original video material.

In our testing, this program made it simple to access material on VHS tapes and do such things as start and stop a video capture and burn a disc. We could easily capture video footage and edit it. And it lets you capture material from nearly any video source.

Wondershare UniConverter

It also lets you upload to the internet and save videos in six different file formats. Read the full review. Then you can preserve the enhanced content of your VHS tapes by burning it to a DVD, and the process is quite fast compared to most converters on the market. Our testing showed it took 21 minutes to burn a minute video onto a DVD, which is excellent compared to other converters. Unfortunately, the quality of the resulting DVD is not first-rate and you will see some flaws, but you nonetheless have saved those treasured moments you captured originally in a format that lends itself to long-term preservation.

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You can use this converter to record copyrighted content and make your own DVDs. In addition, you can capture and transfer a vinyl record collection to CDs and MP3s. You can add music and eliminate footage you don't want to keep as well as adding such things as special effects, transitions, titles and credits. If you want a more polished viewing experience, you can create a DVD menu and put in chapter breaks.

In addition, you can make video files on your computer and export them, but unfortunately, you get a choice of only three video format options.

Convert Analog Video to Mac:

Some other models we tested offer seven. Backing up your VHS tapes to DVD is good as far as it goes, but the world of digital video is much larger than optical discs.

This is great because it allows you to easily share them with friends, family and the public at large. The interface of the software portion of this product is easy to use. It walks you through the conversion process step by step, leaving no guess work.