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First, Mac OS X provides three methods of displaying the login screen:.

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To specify which type of login screen you see — if you see one at all — head to System Preferences, click Accounts, and then click the Login Options button. To change settings specific to your account — no matter what your access level — log in with your account, open System Preferences, and click Accounts. From here, you can change your account password and picture, the card marked as yours within the Address Book, and the Login Items launched automatically when you log in.

That was the solution that nobody else wrote about: Turn FileVault off, reboot, turn it back on! You may be able to use a utility called Onyx. Not sure if the Mojave version is out yet. Apple support confirmed to me that the wallpaper image in the background can't be changed, very frustrating and totally unacceptable to simply say that users can't personalize this screen that greets them when they turn on the computer. I get it that this pile of sand is probably supposed to remind the users that they use an operating system that the developers called Mojave for whatever reason but in the end it is just macOS Luckily you can still downgrade by creating an install media like a USB stick , I returned to Everyone who also doesn't like this limitation done by Apple, please also call Apple support and complain about this the number should be free in most locations and leave a complaint on their website, only then at one point this will reach their attention:.

Also I am also surprised that websites like Macrumors or 9to5mac didn't report about this, I think this is a significant change that they should write about and bring more attention to this. If someone from these websites reads this, please consider writing about it. This is my first post here!

Getting the Login Screen Wallpaper Ready

Yay I've been trying for two hours to change this freaking picture. I hope someone figures it out soon.

Changing the Login Screen Wallpaper

I am new to Apple products and i've already upgraded to Mohave OS I don't want to hack the core system by modifying the Mohave. I juste want a feature in Mohave to let people choose the background image into the lock screen to our ease.

Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Hope I could help, VainlyStrain. Page content loaded. Oct 31, AM in response to tomcib In response to tomcib. Many threads suggest manipulating Mojave.

Changing a User’s Login Picture

But, heureca , I did find a way today. For as long as your disk isn't encrypted — and for as long as you have only one user account — the log in screen picks up whatever wallpaper you set. However, if your disk is encrypted , you must toggle encryption for image replacements to take affect:.

BTW, if you chose a brigtly coloured login image, you will notice artefacts around the progress bar once you're past login on the black screen after. Even the default Mojave. Hopefully someone figures this out.

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Oct 31, AM. Nov 7, AM in response to jottabr In response to jottabr. Wow, that's much easier. Trying that hadn't occurred to me. Good to know! In your case, did you also spot artefacts around the progress bar once you're past login on the black screen?

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Nov 7, AM. Nov 7, AM in response to felix the cat! No, but as you mentioned, when the background is black, it's hard to spot.

How to change login background Mac OS X Lion | MyTechBlog

I have an almost all-black. I'm afraid to change to a white one to check it and later won't be able to reproduce the same results hehehe :-D. Nov 27, AM in response to felix the cat! Nov 27, AM. Nov 28, AM in response to erikbock In response to erikbock.

[Mojave] How can I change login screen wallpaper for all user screen?

If you can't see it, probably the reason is that "show hard disks" may not be enabled in Finder. You can change this via Finder preferences, see screenshot.

How to Change Ubuntu 18.04 Lock Screen look like MacOS

Nov 28, AM. Nov 28, AM in response to felix the cat! I found the Mohave.

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  4. I will play with it some more when I have more time. Nov 29, AM in response to erikbock In response to erikbock.