Mac mouse moves and clicks on its own

The third, and most unlikely, possibility is that you have some kind of malware on your computer.

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At this time, there is no malware whatsoever that behaves this way. Some sites do this normally. For more suggestions, and help with diagnosing and eliminating the cause of the problem, see Eliminating browser redirects and advertisements. On a Mac, this is not related to malware of any kind. What has probably happened is that someone has hacked your Facebook account and then used it for something like sending Facebook spam.

This sort of thing results in Facebook disabling your account. Browser windows opening on their own are not a symptom of malware.

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This is just caused by obnoxious or outright malicious JavaScript on the page. This could be because the site itself is malicious, but is more likely to be caused by a bad advertisement on the page or a hack of some kind either the site itself has been hacked or a site it pulls content from — such as an ad site — has been hacked. You should under no conditions do whatever the pop-up is telling you to do!

If you cannot close the browser window or quit the browser, you can force quit by pressing command-option-esc, selecting the browser and clicking Force Quit. Then close the force quit window.

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Some browsers may try to re-load the pages that were open the next time you open the browser, causing the problem to recur. If that happens, you need to prevent that from happening. In Safari, that is done by holding the shift key while opening Safari. Believe it or not, that kind of behavior is almost guaranteed not to be caused by malware. Modern malware tries its best to be sneaky, so it can do its dirty work of gathering information from you without notice. Try a different surface.

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If you are using a wireless trackpad, you may be having signal interference issues, low battery issues or problems caused by a faulty device. Try turning off Bluetooth in System Preferences. It could also be a hardware problem. MacBook Pro models with built-in batteries can have problems with the battery swelling when it starts to go bad. If that happens, it puts pressure on the underside of the trackpad, causing this problem. The solution in this case is to get the device checked out by Apple. I have also seen reports that aftermarket or defective power supplies can cause a problem with the built-in trackpad.

Try connecting your charger using a grounded three-prong extension cable, rather than through the flip-down two-prong plug, or the equivalents used in other countries besides the US. You may also need to replace the charger.

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In those cases, the issue solved itself when the computer was plugged in, providing a path for the static to move to ground. Software can also cause these kinds of problems. Uninstalling Google Drive solved those problems. If the problem goes away when the machine is cut off from the network, and returns when re-connected to the network, then the problem may actually be a remote control issue. The first possibility is that someone has hacked into some account you have with software that provides screen sharing service.

A common example with Mac users would be Back to My Mac, which can be configured to allow you to share the screen of your Mac remotely via your iCloud account. If someone has hacked your iCloud account, they could be exploring to see what they can find. If you have Back to My Mac turned on, change your iCloud password immediately. If you are using something else that provides similar functionality, like LogMeIn, you should do the same with the account for that software. This could mean that this is a simple prank, or it could be a more malicious attempt to do harm from someone like an untrustworthy co-worker or computer technician.

You cannot assume that you are safe after someone malicious has had physical access to your computer. There is no need to have knowledge of complex scripting or anything else. There are configurable Keyboard Shortcuts available in the software which can be of help when creating an automated script with selected Mouse Actions. In order to try out this Mouse Automation Software for Mac, you would need a Mac with minimum version of Once your Mac fulfills the above installation requirement of having a Mac of version Mac OS X or newer version, you are ready to go.

Download trial version of Mac Auto Mouse Click by either clicking on the download link mentioned in this sentence or right click on the Download link and click on save target.

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Double Click on the downloaded zip file to extract the software installer package. A Video Tutorial of this Macintosh Software Application will popup after the installation is complete. In the Applications folder, you will find an icon with the name Auto Mouse Click.

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Double Click on the Auto Mouse Click icon to launch it. You can optionally right click on the software icon in the dock and select the option to keep the Auto Mouse Click in dock for easy launching of the application. The setup package also opens up an information page which tells how you can locate and run the Mac Auto Mouse Click Software. The files created by Mac Auto Mouse Click software can be stored to desktop or to any other location using Finder, just like with any other software.