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Would love to see a reboot. I'd love to see this title updated to work on a modern OS. I will definitely buy it again if you folks can make a workable version at GOG. It has to be the best strategy game covering the American Civil War ever. It has infinite re-playability and branching campaigns that cover a thousand "what if's". This would be well worth the time and effort to convert and devleop. Please,ignore the low voting on this.

3. Sid Meier’s Gettysburg

This is one of the greatest turn based strategy games in history,and would be instant buying for many of us. Fun Game. Triggering of AI is simplistic, but remains fun, and potentially a great game for multiplayer. At one point, Impressions announced their intention to create a Civil War Generals 3, but shortly gave up on the idea.

If GoG has Swat 4, then this could come next. Ultimate General was garbage compared to this. I have attempted to get CWG 2 to work on Windows XP mode with mixed results, mostly ending in crashes and sound issues. Please make this game available for bit systems everywhere! I would buy this yesterday. I'd gift this yesterday. Then, I'd buy it again. I would buy this in a heartbeat. I would love to see this game here. It would be an instant purchase. Civil War Generals 2 is one of the classics of strategy games.

Would love to see this title added to GOG.

Great, rich historical accuracy and infinite replay ability. Great challenging AI. Loved this since my days in middle school, one of the best strategy games of any war. Seems like a perfect title for GOG to tackle. It's good. It's old. It's a game. I would pay for a pre-order for this game as well.

Ultimate General: Civil War Screenshots

I'd probably drop 50 bucks if I could guarantee it'd be re-released. It would be a money maker. I even have the CWG2 game on a disk, but can't get it to run on windows 7. Please work your magic on it. I agree with all of these people regarding the pure nostalgia of this game. It is and always has been one of the highest rated Civil War, if not strategy games of all time. It would maintain its place if brought back through GOG! For shame, GoG! I agree with EricRRichards.

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Ultimate General: Civil War

As you advance through the game, it becomes tough to play. Unlock upgrades using your points and get bonuses to enhance your power. Explore the space environment and immerse yourself in RTS gameplay experience.

With addictive gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and superb visuals, Stellaris: Utopia is the wonderful game to play and enjoy. The game takes place in the time-period from to In the game, you takes on the role of the protagonist, who is a ruler of multitude of various Kingdoms. The ultimate task is to recruit your army to defend your empire, gather resources, and increate your wealth by battling for liege, country, pope, and more. During the gameplay, you can interact with non-player characters, encounter enemies in battlefield and kill them to earn points, upgrade your resources, building, and military to increase their power and fulfill the requirements of each quest to become the best leader.

Expand your empire by conquering the lands and loot the treasure of enemies after defeating them. It takes place in the historical event of World War 2 and focuses on tank clashes, air combat and naval battles. There are several nations available from which you can take over one of them to start the game with a task to conquer provinces, build up your economy, and forge alliances. It offers the similar gameplay to Axis and Allies and Risk.

In the game, each player can enjoy multiple rounds at the time to try out new strategies and tactics.

Ultimate General: Civil War

There are up to opponents per map, and the game introduces the gorgeous units which can move in real-time while playing the game. It offers multiple maps and scenarios. The game deals with the tactical war elements and lets you experience the bloodiest period in the history of United States, consisting of the American Civil War of In the game, you must select your faction or territory from available, establish your empire by placing buildings, developing bases, and recruiting armies. The main goal is to defend his kingdom, gather resources to keep your people happy, and attack week enemies at the start of the game after stable your kingdom to loot the resources and claim the land after defeat them.

It takes place in the medieval countries and offers various territories from which the player must select his favourite one to advance through the game. From Asian to Rome nations, the player can create his warring experience, wage colossal conflict solo, against Artificial Intelligence, or take on his friends in multiplayer modes. During the gameplay, the player needs to make military, political, and economic decisions to progress through the game and defend his nation from enemy attack by commanding his army from a top-down perspective.

The conflict takes place ancient time and focuses on a turn-based system with several nations and maps from across the land. The game mixes the Strategy and Space Simulation elements and offers the player new ways to establish is empire around the stars. In the game, the player starts as the Machine Empire with a task to establish his empire further and progress through the game to become the master.

The game introduces unique event chains and features, enabling the machines to expand the empire as a robotic consciousness, and build an artificial intelligence-led network that grows the dominance. The player plays as the Stellarism, a customized robotic civilization. It enables the player to experience the empire-building and science-fiction exploration gameplay like never before.

The DLC pack enables the player for the creation of machine empires, where the player can form entirely mechanical societies and can find his place among organics. With improved graphics, gameplay, controls, and environment, Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack is the brilliant game to play and enjoy. The game takes place in the fantasy setting and serves as the third title in the series of Dominions and the game comes with improved mechanics, gameplay, and graphics. It mixes the simple gameplay with an extreme variety of strategic options, including six-hundred spells, more than units, and hundreds items to use.

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It enables the player to customize his avatar and jump into the fantasy setting with a task to conquer the land by defeating opponents. It offers several maps divided into various provinces which can be dominated in tactical battles. The game rewards the player with points and allows him to use for upgrades, power-ups and boosters.

The gameplay becomes challenging to play, as the player advances through the game.

Ultimate General: Civil War on Steam

The combat takes place in turn-based system where the player takes his turn to attack enemies like traditional Role-playing games. With addictive gameplay, smooth graphics, and brilliant mechanics, Dominions 3: The Awakening is the best game to play.

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  • Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension is a Fantasy-based, Turn-based Strategy, Single-player and Multiplayer video game, created and published by Illwinter Game Design for multiple platforms. Compared to the previous installment, several additions and modifications have been made, the most engaging feature of the game is Thrones of Ascension, a new mode, in which victory of the player is achieved by capturing the Thrones of Ascension.

    The game includes a Team-based mode, and it comes with new playable nations, maps, new units, spells and items.


    At the beginning of the game, the first step of the player is to select age from Early, Medium or Late, each age has different nations to select. After that, the player must control the powerful being to rule the nation and struggle to conquer others. In the Team-based mode, the player takes on the role of the king while other players are assuming the role of the servants and loyal subjects. With impressive features, engaging gameplay, and stunning graphics, Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension is the wonderful game to enjoy. The DLC pack comes with expanded gameplay based on the vibrant and dynamic nomadic culture of the Eurasian.

    The game introduces a new system and mechanics such as the government form the tributary stages, and this expansion will offer a chance to saddle up and build his empire from horseback. The game offers the improved system and enables the player to expand the controlled trade on the ancient Silk Road to finance his conquests. It offers the best blend of Strategy and Role-playing genres and offers hundreds of new events with Asian culture.