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The Linux kernel was conceived by the then student of Finnish computer science, Linus Torvalds, in Linux quickly got developers and users who adopted codes from other free software projects for use in new distributions. The Linux kernel has received contributions from thousands of programmers from around the world. Normally Linux is used together with a software package, called Linux distribution and servers. Once seen the advantages and disadvantages of each operating system, It is your time to decide some operating systems are good for games and work some are not for game you decide all operating systems have something better that you can offer each one.

That is if you want a computer for games because Windows is the option or a server because the best would be Linux or for graphic designer would be MacOS or Windows each operating system has its use and it goes better where you see it also you have to see your budget because if you want MacOs it will cost you a bit more everything depends on you and when you want to spend. Arpen Technologies. We will start this article explaining each OS and the advantages and disadvantages they offer.

Advantages Pleasant environment Comfortable to work with fairly safe good fluidity and durability Disadvantages Quite expensive can only be used on Apple branded devices does not allow to be modified is not compatible with many games Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows is the name of a family of operating systems developed and sold by Microsoft. Advantages Free allows you to modify it to suit the user is the most secure with regard to viruses can be installed on any PC Disadvantages Not compatible with many games Not supported by one official company Except RedHat distros Conclusion Once seen the advantages and disadvantages of each operating system, It is your time to decide some operating systems are good for games and work some are not for game you decide all operating systems have something better that you can offer each one.

Managing the resources of the computer is the critical aspect of the RTOS. The system is such that a particular operation should execute in the same amount of time every time it occurs. People have been facing this problem for decades. It is because they have a choice between different OS. Some OS are good for gaming whereas some are great for web development and programming. Similarly, the needs of students are different from that of casual users of computers. You also have professionals engaged in jobs like video editing.

You need a different kind of OS to perform such functions. Let us explore the different types of OS and understand its features and functions. It is because Windows has the hardware and software variety. Microsoft sells Windows licenses to any PC manufacturer for loading on to the desktops, laptops, tablets, and so on.

Linux: Light on its feet and ready to strut its stuff

Hence, you get a Windows machine in almost any shape, size, and price range you want. Also, Microsoft sells Windows on its own thereby enabling consumers and businesses to load it manually onto their hardware.

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This approach has allowed Windows to dominate the market. Windows is available worldwide and has a long life. Also, Windows has the largest software library in the world.

Which OS Crashes Less Often: Mac OS X, Linux or Windows?

Every Windows user might not get access to all the new applications that come into the market. The advantage with Windows is that it is compatible with all kinds of software.

Windows OS is also compatible with almost all types of accessories like mouse, keyboards, storage drives, graphics tablets, printers, scanners, monitors, microphones, and so on. As far as updates are concerned, Windows does them regularly. You get timely updates with advanced features. Windows has a bi-annual update schedule as compared to Mac OS that has an annual updating schedule. Yes, Google Chrome OS has many updates as well, but they do not introduce significant new features.

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As compared to Windows 10, Mac OS has restricted use. You can use the Mac OS only on Apple devices. Therefore, buying an Apple machine is the only legitimate way to access Mac OS. Initially, it was known as OS X. As Mac OS can run on a relatively small variety of computers and parts, it is easy to control the system as compared to Windows Therefore, it allows Apple to do intensive testing of their products and optimise software for a few appliances alone.

It also allows Apple to offer targeted services to diagnose and fix problems with a higher degree of accuracy and speed than Windows Mac OS is a user-friendly OS. Even MS Windows 10 has a simple user interface, but there are many deep layers of menu beneath the surface. Mac OS is comparatively easier to use. People used to Windows 10 can take some time to adjust to the Mac OS interface.

You can take the example of Mac OS file explorer known as Finder. It can take time for the Windows user to understand the Mac OS terms. Compared to Windows 10, Mac OS does not have a broad software market.

Why Linux is better than Windows or macOS for security

However, Apple has many in-house programs for performing basic tasks. Microsoft has also produced its version of the Office application suite exclusively for Apple hardware. Design and media production businesses prefer the Mac OS as many art-focussed applications are available only on Mac.

here Mac OS is not very popular among gaming enthusiasts because most of the new games are not available on this platform. Usually, the games release on the Windows platform because of its greater reach. However, Mac OS users have a way out. Therefore, accessing games and other specific Windows applications become easy. You will need a separate Windows 10 licence to run Windows on Bootcamp.

However, you can run Linux as well on it. They can also enjoy the services of tools like Apple Pay and Siri. This integration of the Mac OS and iOS allows the users to pick up where you leave in a document on any device, and take phone calls or answer text on your Mac. Apple Watch owners can also log into the latest version of Mac OS without using a password. You do not find this flexibility and dexterity on the Windows 10 devices.

Mac vs. PC vs. Linux

Apple does not offer many product lines running Mac OS. Also, the hardware is comparatively expensive. The hardware does not fit your needs at all times. For example, you do not have any inch MacBook. There is no touchscreen device in Mac OS. It is to retain professionals who wean away from Mac Os towards Windows Mac Computers and Mac OS are for users seeking a premium desktop experience.

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Many people are dedicated Apple product fans. People who are regularly active on the internet would love to use the Chrome OS. It is perfect for such users because it is an ideal extension of the Chrome desktop browser. Chrome hardware, also known as Chromebook or Chromebox is ideal for people who rely primarily on the web and rarely use the complicated desktop software.

Yes, it supports all Android applications thereby expanding its utility when you are offline. Chrome OS revolves around its browser. Hence, it is the least complex of all the OS available on the market. However, its primary focus is content on the web.