Remote desktop mac not working over vpn

Why is VPN Tracker permanently prompting me to install an update? What is Connection Safe? Why should I use Connection Safe? I want to transfer my license to another person. How can I do that? Can I use my software on multiple computers? How do I get my activation code? What additional settings are available for connections to Cisco devices?

How is VPN Tracker different with a demo license versus a purchased license? Is there a deadline for canceling my subscription if I wish to opt out? Why can't I assign myself an IP address that lies within the remote network? Looking for your invoice? VPN Tracker Constantly improving. What is a VPN connection? How can I use the equinux test connection?

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My credit card is not being accepted. What can I do? I changed my password and now get an error message when I try to use Connection Safe. I've lost my equinux ID or my password! Why use Remote Connection Wipe? Do you offer monthly VPN Tracker plans? Can I wipe just one specific connection I have given to a user? Where can I enter the username I received from my network administrator?

Can I undo Remote Connection Wipe? How do I completely purge and delete that connection data from the Connection Safe? Can you guarantee that VPN Tracker will work in my network? I want to manage the renewal settings for my VPN Tracker plan. How does this work? How do I take a screenshot on the Mac? Does VPN Tracker support 2-factor authentication? Why does VPN Tracker tell me, the application is corrupt and needs to be re-installed? How does Connection Safe deal with data conflicts?

What is a "Peer Hangup" error? If I have entered my settings in the demo version, will I keep them when I activate my license? What would I need Remote Connection Wipe for? How do I add an app into my Applications folder? I'm a registered reseller. What plan do I need for Remote Connection Wipe? How secure is Remote connection Wipe? What happens if your servers are blocked?

Connection to Remote Access VPN with Junos Pulse in Mac OS

Why do I have to submit my email address to download software? Is the equinux Online Store secure? Where can I manage my VPN accounts?

Using a Mac for Remote Access via VPN

How does the order process work? How do renewals of my VPN Tracker plans work? Why does VPN Tracker say my local network is the same as the remote network? I am certain it is not! Which Mac VPN client is the most reliable? I'm a reseller. Will all of my previous connections and settings be migrated when I upgrade? What should I do? What forms of payment do you accept?

Accounting: Accessing backups. How can I assign my license to another team member? How can I update my credit card details? Using VPN Tracker in teams. Is support included with VPN Tracker? My connection safe has a download error, how can I fix it?

Other Information About Using Pulse Client and Remote Desktop

How to renew your VPN Tracker plan Is there a difference between the software you sell on your website and the version on the Mac App Store? Will I get a partial refund if I decide I want to opt out of my subscription? How can I update the address in my equinux ID? My credit card payment was denied? Your browser currently doesn't support JavaScript! Please activate Javascript in the settings of the browser.

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Ask a question. User profile for user: Suzshie Suzshie. At work there are all windows machines connected to a windows server I recently bought a Mac and would like to be able to access my account at the windows server which i have at work.

Unfortunately with the Mac I seem to be able to only connect to the VPN server, but it failed to log me on into the windows server with Remote Desktop for Mac beta. It won't connect using the "name" assigned to the windows computer.

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So far none of them let me access my work machine. I can do it with no difficulty from my Windows box right next to my powerbook. The only difference between them is I'm on WiFi with the Mac. Any ideas why I might be getting a 'this computer not found' on the Mac, and not the PC? May 30, If you are connecting over the internet, make sure the port is forwarded properly.

Nov 10, 0 New South Wales, Australia. But, shouldn't this also apply when connecting from my Windows box? Windows would be resolving it as a netbios name. OS X doesn't do that because netbios is a Windows thing. You will need to enter the ip address because of this.

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OK, so my work PC gets its address assigned dynamically. Am I out of luck to connect from my home Mac? I still don't understand why I can't just use my machine name, rather than an IP address. Sep 23, 3, 72 Kilrath. Before attempting this you can verify how name resolution is being performed on your windows systems and your Mac.