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Bonus Westgate Walkthrough and the usuals. Just a few days ago I was wishing for this too.

Mac Specific Issues

Tempted to pick this up. Dying for a half decent rpg. Played the main campaign and thought it was alright, fairly bland got bored before the end. Rebuilding the castle was the only interesting part I picked out of it. Anyone know how the expansions compare? Mask of the Betrayer is probably one of the best RPGs to come out in the past 10 years, expansion or otherwise. Nobody should buy this. Just hada operation ill be replaying that this week some time.. Never finished the game got half way.. The original Neverwinter Nights looked and performed very well even on systems just passing the minimum system requirements.

The sequel, however, is a pig. The Sith Lords, and the details and environments are nicely done.

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But even on systems exceeding the recommended system requirements, the performance is not very good, with frequent drops in frame rate. It is possible to get solid performance by tweaking your settings and figuring out your system bottlenecks and getting good performance, but for too many this game is just frustrating in terms of performance. Playing NWN2 is very similar to the original in terms of character creation, advancement and progression through the story.

Once you are ready to explore, the game begins. You start off as a simple villager in training with one of several local residents, depending on which class you selected during character creation, and proceed through a Harvest Fair section that also serves as a tutorial. From there the action immediately picks up and you need to put your new skills into practice.

10 Reasons To Play Or Avoid Neverwinter - Neverwinter New Player Review 2018

You attack simply by clicking on a hostile target, or you can select a special skill or spell to use on an enemy. You have an action queue that displays four items at a time, but that can stack commands up to eighteen deep. This is very useful late in the game when you need to make sure one of your party is carrying out a particular task while you control characters engaged in combat. The party system has changed considerably from the original game — and entirely for the good.

Mac Specific Issues | The Neverwinter Vault

Well, perhaps there is one downside — if you are a spellcaster then you will find that your familiar is much more ornamental than your previous true companion. That is not a major loss though, especially since you get a party of characters instead of the henchmen from Neverwinter Nights. Some of the characters you meet up with are fairly ordinary archetypes, but there are several very interesting characters that definitely spice up things on your travels.

The influence system shown in KOTOR 2 is used to great effect here, as your standing with certain characters impacts quests, obtaining items and even the end of the game! As mentioned before, the characters in your party are interesting, with distinct personalities and histories that add to the experience. There are romantic options for male and female characters, but evidently only heterosexual choices sorry Juhani lovers. The romance is only slightly different from the typical quest-oriented romance found in most RPGs, as it is your actions and decisions that decide what will happen.

Although many people complain about the system requirements and performance, perhaps an even more divisive issue is the sound. More specifically, they complain about the reuse of audio assets from the original game. The soundtrack is once again varied and stirring, with sweeping themes appropriate to each situation and location.

While the music and voices are new and very well done, the sounds of spellcasting and other effects are identical to those from the original game. Does this matter? It depends on your view of what should be in a new game and also your opinion of the original Neverwinter Nights. In my opinion the sound works very well throughout the game and I welcomed the familiar themes. I was looking at this again specifically as I played the Mac App Store version and found that nothing stood out — when initially playing on the PC the differences were distinct, but now it all seemed to blend much better.

The gameplay is very linear — both in terms of the story progression and the area layout. There are a few puzzles that suggest non-linearity, but for the overwhelming majority of the time all you need to do is talk to a few people and move to different areas and you will get through the main quest in forty to sixty hours. Is this good or bad? That really depends on how you play the game and your personal preference.

Personally I prefer more actual non-linearity, but who just wants to play the main quest anyway? The greater joy in role-playing games comes from exploring every nook and cranny, every last possible side quest available to test your character. Since Neverwinter Nights 2 is alignment and class-based, each character can have a significantly different game experience — not everyone is going to want to walk in the footsteps of a Paladin as I did on my first time through, but trying different combinations of class and alignment allows you to experience a greater depth out of the game.

My personal preference is towards single player gaming over multiplayer. This will open the user Home Library folder in a Finder window. You will have the least grief and the most compatibility. They made only a half-hearted attempt to support it on Mac and trying to run it natively on Mac will always be a challenge. Of course running Bootcamp on a Mac also has some challenges. Most importantly when setting up Bootcamp give it the largest partition you can, because expanding it later will probably be impossible. And you may be forced to run Windows 7 or later rather than XP. Has anyone had that issue? Is there a known fix? Another idea is that the Mac version doesn't like filenames longer than 32 characters, but I don't know if that's been checked either. Thanks lads, that's a good start.

One thing that makes it hard for me to test the character possibility is that I don't know if the extension would count as part of the filename. Almost all of the filenames of my scripts, dialogues, blueprints, etc. There are several dozen in mine that would go over that number if that does count. I'd have to test with a less complex module if I had one. For the record, the PW is Sigil. Here's a compilation of custom class icons that aren't working. I've digged through the haks a bit and I'm beginning to think that it's not naming that is causing the issue.

I've compiled a list of custom classes with their icons' names and whether those show up or not.

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The only pattern I see at this point is that none of the racial icons are working, but then there are three classes that use non-racial icons and yet don't work either. Have you tried moving the hak files into the hak folder in the Neverwinter Nights2. I don't use haks myself though and for the most part only play the Mac version when testing my own stuff, so I can't say for certain what the issue is.

Yes, I've tried moving all the files into the app, but to no avail. I understand that PWs can only read files from the library folder. I am on Would it be too bold of me to ask you to download them and see if the issue can be replicated on a different device? One more thought: Well, considering that I don't play PWs and I don't use haks, yes it is a little bold. But in the service of testing I will give it a shot this weekend. But I also suggest you scroll up a bit and read my post from January 2, The last paragraph tells you what you should really be doing if you want to enjoy NWN2.

I started the weekend early I guess. I attached to Sigil using the Mac App Store version. It took about 45 minutes to download and then I created my character and starting looking around the City of Doors. When creating my character there were a number of missing icons.

It also appears that every area load screen is not showing properly. So I think this matches your experience. Everything looks fine with Windows. There are no missing textures.

Secondary menu

So I think what is happening on the Mac App Store version is due to bugs specific to that version. I'm not aware of any work-around.

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  • I've been an Apple owner and supporter for over 35 years, but with games that were written for Windows the best experience you will have as a gamer is playing them on the Windows OS. Thank you very much for confirming, are you on The sad part is that NWN2 in my experience is actually quite a stable port, pretty much everything works flawlessly with only these particular textures spoiling the picture.

    The weirdest thing is that some of them actually do work, it's almost as if there is something about the TGAs themselves that prevents the game from reading them. I don't think it is an OS level issue.