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No more boring meals.

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Wow, awesome. Or, boring? Well, it's depend on how you spend your so-called holidays. It is indeed holidays but do not forget you still have a long journey ahead! It's planning time! However, my main point of writing this post is I want to share with you guys what some of Kolej PERMATApintar Negara QuadP ex-students are doing right now and maybe they could help you in making decision for your next steps later. If you have further questions feel free to contact them through those mediums stated below. Nabilah Hamdiah Batch Successors E-mail: nchesamm purdue.

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Feel free to ask any questions about the application process, scholarship interviews and basically anything you want to know more about! Class of In Sophomore year, which is 2nd year. MyBrainSc only allow the students to pursue in pure sciences. Some people might say that Physics is the most tough major which it is. I don't mean to scare anybody but that's reality.


But, once you manage to handle and catch up everything, it is quite easy, for me. Different people have their own opinion. Some of my friends here said that you will get the true major. It means that we will going to what a major suppose to be. Physics is fun. You learn everything happen around you.

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Everything you will study is just a point particle. No matter how big the thing is. You will be impress on almost everything around you when you learn Physics.

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I want to further my study in Civil Engineering, but I can do so in Master. Physics is the basic of other science subjects.

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Either you take economics, dentistry, biology, you will learn Physics. Goodluck in the future and don't scare to try something new. Not the bad things okay. Till next time! Welcome back to school students and teachers! We hope this year will be a fantastic year. Today we had a Prize Giving Ceremony of our final exam of the year The ceremony began at 10 o'clock in the morning. Noriah Md Ishak gave a speech that encourage us to be more successful in the future. Last but not least, parents are allowed to meet their children's homeroom teacher. Fresh Start. Celebrate the beginning of New Year with great ecstasy!

We have a long way to go! May the New Year fill your heart with hopes of a fresh new beginning and aspirations of a brighter and better tomorrow. Maybe this blog was being so quiet lately. So, we decided to change the layout - simple and easy for those who read this blog using your smart phones, tablets, iPhone, iPad, Androids and etc. Like what Bakte describe this blog "Simplistic and Decent" maybe. We are very sorry and apologize for not providing exciting post for Quad P students and also others who are not from Quad P to read.

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We hope you readers would bear with us and keep on anticipating news from us. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience s caused. The main objective of this year's camp was to expose students to disasters and how to handle them. On the previous two days, there was a First Aid Workshop Bengkel Pertolongan Cemas as the students would be sitting for the First Aid exam on the last day of the camp to obtain a certificate in First Aid.

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After an exhausting 6-hour journey to the campsite, the students set up their home which was in the form of a really large canopy for the next three days. On the first night, a fellow fire department officer briefed us about disasters, sharing with us his experience in various near-death situations including the hair-raising Highland Tower tragedy. Next was a slot for Jati Diri, where the students played games which involved some focus, determination and a whole lot of wackiness.

On the next day, the morning session was filled with introduction to facilities that would've been used in the case of a real disaster. This would help prepare the students for the not-even-close-to-real-life-but-is-nevertheless-very-challenging disaster simulation.

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Diperingkat awal, inisiatif ini melibatkan 10 buah sekolah kebangsaan daerah Hulu Langat. Hadir di program berkenaan ialah YB Datuk Hj. Lawatan adalah bagi melihat keadaan persekitaran lokasi berkenaan yang akan digunakan untuk Pertandingan Lalulintas Sekolah-sekolah Negeri Pulau Pinang Tahun Pertandingan ini adalah juga merupakan latihan praktikal bagi Pendidikan Keselamatan Jalan Raya yang diserap dalam pelajaran Bahasa Malaysia di sekolah-sekolah.

Mereka begitu teruja dan tertarik dengan penerangan mengenai modul pendidikan keselamatan jalan raya serta kelab keselamatan jalan raya di sekolah-sekolah. Ceramah telah disampaikan oleh Mohd Nizamudin bin Mohd Sahli. Majlis perasmian telah disempurnakan oleh YBrs. Taklimat telah disampaikan oleh Dr. Objektif utama program adalah memberikan kesedaran tentang keselamatan jalan raya kepada murid sekolah dan juga pengguna jalan raya lain. Datuk Roslan Eusoff telah menyempurnakan program ini. Diantara aktiviti-aktiviti yang dilaksanakan ialah penyampaian kon jalan kepada Kelab Keselamatan Jalan Raya yang aktif, penyerahan banting pesanan keselamatan jalan raya dan pelupusan topi keledar yang tidak selamat dipakai.

Antara aktiviti yang dilaksanakan ialah ceramah, pameran serta advokasi motosikal. Pameran keselamatan jalan raya. Bercakap tentang "keselamatan jalan raya", ia merupakan topik umum serta semua pihak memainkan peranan yang sama penting dalam memberi kesedaran. Petang ini, satu perjumpaan Jawatankuasa telah diadakan pada 07 Oktober Jumaat jam petang bertempat di Stadium Panasonic, Shah Alam bagi membincangkan perlaksanaan aktiviti tersebut.

enter Diharap aktiviti yang dirancang akan berjalan lancar. Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Negeri Selangor telah memenuhi undangan untuk menyampaikan ceramah keselamatanjalanraya kepada murid Sekolah Kebangsaan Meru 2 pada 7 Oktober jam pagi tadi. Ceramah telah disampaikan oleh Puan Azrena binti Ariffin kepada seramai murid sekolah tersebut.

Semoga ceramah yang disampaikan dapat memberi manfaat kepada murid sekolah tersebut. Pejalan kaki merupakan kumpulan ketiga terbesar terlibat dalam kemalangan jalan raya di negara ini khususnya negeri Selangor. Perjumpaan tersebut adalah bagi membincangkan rancangan aktiviti keselamatan jalan raya kepada anak-anak Pemandu Lori syarikat Linde Malaysia Sdn Bhd seramai kanak-kanak pada 09 Oktober nanti bertempat di Stadium Panasonic, Shah Alam.