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Instead, the game offers a Monster Play mode in which players can create a monster at level ten and battle other players in the Ettenmoor region. The game offers players four unique races and ten classes to choose from , which will allow you to completely customize your character according to your play style.

This might turn off players who are accustomed to games that offer instant gratification. If you do manage to stick around, the game will reward you with some epic space battles that are worth the wait.

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Pricing model: Free-to-play with optional premium subscription model Download Eve Online So while you might have to make a completely new character to try out a different class in most other games, in Skyforge you can do that on the fly. The game even features a variety of familiar elements from the television and film franchise , which will definitely appeal to fans.

People say MMORPGs are a dying genre, but these awesome games prove them wrong

For instance, leveling skills in game has been divided into three skill trees or souls , giving players the option to choose which skill they want to level up and specialize in. Supported platforms: Windows Pricing model: Free-to-play with in-game purchases and an optional subscription model Download Rift Boasting of over million accounts, Runescape offers players an opportunity to indulge in all aspects on an RPG, with some subtle differences that set it apart.

For example, Runescape takes a very open-ended approach to the traditional questing model adopted by other MMORPGs, which means that instead of having a linear storyline, the game offers players the freedom to choose their own path to progress in game. On top of that, Runescape also allows players to specialize in skills, which means that everyone gets the opportunity to pick up something they like and play in accordance with their skill progression.

The game is based on the fourth edition of Dungeons and Dragons and is perfect for anyone into the role-playing genre. Similar to Tera, Blade and Soul features a real-time third-person combat system.

The game is inspired by martial arts, and has many references to martial arts and their origins. The combat utilizes combos, similar to the fighting game genre.

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Along with this, the game also features one of the best character customizations of any MMO available. The music and visuals of Guild Wars 2 are some of the most captivating of any free-to-play game. Guild Wars 2 features some of the best elements of other MMOs and combines them to create a unique gameplay experience. Longtime fans of MMOs will find Guild Wars 2 as a refreshing take on the genre, as every playable class features a variety of playstyles.

Top 10 Mac Multiplayer Games of 2018

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The 15 Best MMORPGs for Mac

Recommended articles. But it goes way beyond that: it offers granular controls over your ship and its modules, the ability to upgrade your ship for whatever you want to focus on — pirating, trading or exploration — and you can even land on planets in the hope of finding Thargoid ruins. The best part is that you can join a Wing with friends and fly in a squad of three, taking on other online players or NPCs dotted around the galaxy. The emphasis on choice meaning you can be anything from a professional monster slayer to a lumberjack, and everything in between. In fact, they hated it so much that Square Enix rebuilt the entire game with a new team, dubbed Realm Reborn, which was released in

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