How to edit video camtasia mac

Camtasia offers a more robust interface, where Quicktime is a very light program.

Camtasia 2 (Mac) Edit Export 1080p High Quality settings and Preferences

Camtasia also has features like animated mouse clicks, which might be helpful if doing a software walkthrough. Camtasia also has a built-in editor.

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Open the recording view by clicking the red record button lower left. This window will appear. The options are recording for the computer screen, webcam, and audio.

You can choose any combination or all of them highlighted in green. You can choose to record an exact x window. This will depend on the actual size of your monitor and how much of it will be cropped. In the example below, there is a built-in microphone input as well as a USB audio interface. Click the dropdown menu for Camera and select your source.

Camtasia for Mac (version 2) self-paced tutorial/Reference book

When you finish recording, Camtasia will allow you to place and size the webcam video independently of the screen capture. Once you have all the sources you want selected, click the record button.

Camtasia will countdown although you can change this in Preferences. An icon will appear in your menu bar. Red means Camtasia is recording. Your recorded videos will be in your Media Bin. If you navigate to Annotations, Transitions, etc. Annotations can be great if you want to add some text. If you recorded your with your webcam, you can size the video independently of the screen recording.

How to Trim Videos

Select the video you would like to resize. A white border will appear and allow you to drag at the corners to resize and place the videos. You can also rotate from the center handle.

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In the timeline, any video or audio can be trimmed by dragging at the beginning or the end. Remember that these 2 videos are synchronized.

4: Editing essentials: What You Really Need to Know

Be careful of dragging the video out of place. Clips in the Media Bin are not affected by any editing completed on the timeline. The Canvas displays the current frame in the video at the location of the playhead on the timeline. The Timeline represents the sequence of all clips, effects, text, and shapes in a video.

4: Editing essentials: What You Really Need to Know

The timecode is shown to the right of the playhead in Hours: Minutes: Seconds; Frames. The Timeline also displays all markers. Markers are navigation points. When you record a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, Camtasia automatically creates markers on the timeline for each slide. Markers are attached to the media and are blue. When you move the media on the timeline, the marker position within the media is maintained. Use the Player controls, which are located below the Canvas, to play, rewind and fast forward your video. When you are finished recording your PowerPoint lectures, you should submit them to your Instructional Designer before or on the due date.

Because the file size of your voice-over lectures may be quite large, you can share your voice-over lecture files with your ID using Dropbox.

The editing interface

This is how the students will view them in Canvas. English U. Remember me. Lost password. Tech Support 4 Getting Started Guides Canvas 26 Course Development 10 Email 14 Self-Service Banner 2 Rowan Library 6 Rowan Online Portal 10 Network Account 1 Section Tally 12 Web Conferencing 1 File Sharing 32 Other Software 6 Integrations 3 Course Evaluations 2 Building Technologies 36 FAQs 7 Recent Issues 1 Coming Soon.

I am an instructor. How do I use Camtasia 3 for Mac to record voice-over lectures? Link to article.

Post a new comment. Rowan Rowan Global Support Desk. Posted by on 23 January AM. Click on one of the following links for more information: Installation How can I get Camtasia installed on my computer? Your ID will provide further instructions over the phone as needed. Headset or external microphone to record audio A headset is available for loan through Rowan Online. When software or hardware is loaned, your Instructional Designer will prompt you to sign an Equipment Loan form. Note: We do not recommend recording audio with the built-in microphone on your computer.

Completed PowerPoint presentation. How can I borrow a USB headset for recording voice-over lectures? Typing a Script Optional If you do not want to improvise when recording your voice-over narration, you can create a script for each slide. Recording Your Computer Screen When your PowerPoint presentation is created and ready for voice-over narration, follow the instructions below. Connect the headset or microphone to your computer.

In PowerPoint, open a presentation. Open Camtasia. When Camtasia opens, the recording interface will appear.