Record audio playing on your computer mac

By default it simply captures sound input through microphone.

How To Record Computer Audio on your Mac with Audacity

If you want to record internal sound on your computer with Audition, you need a virtual sound card which can route the Mac sound to Audition instead of your speaker. Today, we will show you how to achieve it easily with Audition in conjunction with Soundflower. It is free and open source. The installation is a bit tricky though due to the new security feature on recent Mac OS.

Audio Capture in Action

You can refer to this guide to install and configure the virtual sound card software. In order to record what is currently playing on your Mac, such as streaming music, iTunes music, you will need to set Soundflower as the audio output device from Mac System Preferences, then set it as the default audio input in Adobe Audition Preferences.

Next, run Adobe Audition from the Launchpad. Now go to record an audio in Adobe Audition, it will only grab sound from your Mac computer other than external sound from your microphone.

If Soundflower is hard to configure on your Mac, we recommend a video converter which comes with the audio recording ability. It will install a virtual sound card on your Mac as well. You can refer to this guide to record video with system audio on Mac with QuickTime player in the help of this media converter.

Record system audio on Mac with Audition

Note that this is a premium converter program. However you can use its virtual audio card for free on Mac. With Soundflower installed on your Mac, you can actually use many other sound recorders, even those from Apple, to capture system sound on Mac. Jonathan Riggall.

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Recording internal sound on a Mac is problematic. Although we will detail another method using Audacity and Soundflower, you can also use QuickTime Player to record audio. Soundflower 2ch is fine for most purposes.

Note that once you do this you will no longer be able to hear a sound. To make a clean recording, also turn off all sound effects here in the Sound preferences.

How To Record Computer Audio on your Mac with Audacity

Open Audacity and in preferences, look under Devices and choose Soundflower 2ch from the Recording Devices drop-down menu. On the top right of the Audacity interface, there is a microphone symbol with a drop-down menu next to it. Play the sound or stream you want to capture and adjust the microphone level-slider on the left so the red bars reach close to zero when they peak.

Stop your stream, and pause it at the start. Hit the red record button in Audacity, then play your sound stream.

To screen record your Mac with audio:

Once finished, save the project from the File menu. At this point, you can turn on the internal audio again in System Preferences. Any editing of your recording should be done now See this post for audio editing with Audacity.