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That being said, Postico is truly a top-notch SQL client that brings a lot to the table. The Workbench is more than just an SQL editing tool due to the fact that it offers much more.

SQLPro for MSSQL - macOS SQL Server Management UI

And much more in this case refers to the data modelling, and migration features it offers. The editor can be used with most JDPC compliant databases across multiple operating systems as this review will show. There are a multitude of free SQL editors or clients that can be used to handle SQL editing tasks but these five have been chosen due to their robust features.

It is also worth noting that these options are backed up by vibrant online communities which would help you handle or troubleshoot most of the problems you will run into. So, if you are looking for a free SQL editor to achieve your goals, simply pick any from this list. Therefore, having an idea of some of the best SQL editors out there that can help you easily navigate through a database will play a key part in how you successfully manage data.

Install SQL Server on a Mac

In order to help you achieve your aim of editing SQL files or running SQL queries, we have scanned the web, spoken to the professionals and used our vast experience to curate the top five SQL editors you can use. And the most important thing to note is the five highlighted options on this list are free!

SQLServer on Mac Using Docker

Now that you know the criteria we used in comparing the different free SQL editors available for use, it is important to state that these criteria led to the five choices below. As free SQL Editors go, DBeaver is one of the popular open-source SQL clients available to database developers, programmers, and administrators looking for a feature-rich editor to work with.

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As stated earlier, the criteria that was used in assessing DBeaver includes; its cross-platform capabilities, Extensibility and ease of use. I can do nearly all of my dba work that I need to on a daily basis in this app.

A SQL Server GUI for your Mac – Azure Data Studio

There are a few things I can't do in the same way such as creating SQL server agent jobs, but those are outside of my daily work. This app saves me a ton of time on a daily basis, because a I don't have to log-into a virtual machine to do my work and b it performs far faster than MMSQL on Windows in my experience.

  • Navicat for SQL Server | Manage, design & manipulate your Database easily.
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Especially in dark mode, it is simply far easier on my eyes as well. Love this sql client. Easy to use, authenticates with Windows Authentication, and allows you to be just as productive as your windows machine using co-workers. Additional updates like dark mode support for the current version of MacOS was a nice touch as well.

Worth every penny.