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It has worked for every update since: 1 Download the Say yes. Hopefully it should then work. Seems the problem was with the checksum - by deleting that the installer goes without a problem. Hope you find that useful!

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Original Link: [ here ]. Then you will be able to save any changes you make to the updater. Paul Constantine said "One very specific issue with Microsoft updates At least that reduces the necessary updaters by about 3. I carry all of them on my diagnostic drives, but it still takes a long time to install them. Although not to the extent of Apple, Microsoft does do combo updates. Paul Constantine says "One very specific issue with Microsoft updates They are usually called "Service Packs" but not always.

Not all updates are "combo" - they tend to do them every months. In the case of Office you need: I am running I am not using Beta software and did not remove any languages and the update still fails.

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I killed Microsoft Daemon processes, repaired permissions and restart. Still, no luck.

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Thanks to Jo Yoshida Worked a treat. Just need to copy the package to desktop then make changes - I didn't do that 1st and got locked error messages. Thanks guys! Thanks for the tip of copying the updater to the desktop before making the mod so I could save it.

A Free Microsoft Office Update For Older Operating System Users

Installed Ok now. The issues that could come up with end of life software is updated files for changes to Daylight Saving Time and security issues. Seems we have security issues every time now. The Holiday file is also not updated.

We've had reports for Passover already not showing up for next year in Office I wouldn't run out and buy the new version just for holidays, but it's little things like this you'll see being outdated. Entourage X went a little past the official time period for updates and Office could as well, but it would probably only be a few months at most. This is a total guess on my part, but many users are staying back because of VBA so Microsoft might update longer than normal VBA is coming back in the next version supposedly due out in late The programs will still work.

There are still a lot of users in Entourage X. Hope this helps! I had removed all languages other than English using Delocalizer, but the update from Nowhere do I see any language files other than English, although the Office folder contains twelve 'Default ACL' files, described as Microsoft Graph preferences, as before. Otherwise, the only sign of any other language is that the date and time auto-insert entries are all in Gaelic and the default language in Word occasionally defaults to Irish for which there is no dictionary so far as I know ; this happened when I upgraded from Office I have the same problem.

Trying to update gives me the message that a copy of Office was not found. I did a full reinstall of Office from the original disk, tried to update with Of course, now my database cannot be read, since the reinstalled version is below my previous version at I don't know Python, so I was not able to do the fix suggested above.

The update is called Critical, and so I suspect that Microsoft will eventually fix their updater and I can go through the process again. If you have removed foreign language files from Office the update will not be made properly, if it will run at all. The only solution is to delete the Microsoft Office folder from the Applications folder, install anew and run the relevant updates.

Office supporting files that reside in places other than the Applications folder need not be deleted. The only updates that need to be run are Just exclude the Microsoft Office folder that resides within the Applications folder. All other foreign language files will be purged and you won't have a problem with future Office updaters. Thanks to Graham Needham for the info on combo updaters for Office applications.

However, you say This update includes all the improvements that were released in all previous Office updates. Greetings and Salutations Some folks have mentioned that they have not been able to install the Office I would like to remind folks of some of the caveats that apply to installing an Office update. NAME The Apple Installer technology that we are using requires that the application and the folder they reside in maintain their original names. If you have renamed the applications or the folder they reside in, you'll need to revert it to the original names. So if you have Office on a spare partition with no OS on it, you'll need to move it to a partition that has an OS on it.

The Installer will search for Office, and if the first one it finds is a different language than the updater it will not keep searching for copies with the matching language. In these instances, the next Office update cannot install " you can rectify this by restarting your machine. Please also see the Knowledge Base Article we have here for more information.

I hope this covers most everyone's issues, and if not we are watching this forum, so please describe your situation and we will do our best to help you with installation issues. It is true that one of the updates enumerated by Paul Constantine must be installed before installing I guess that would make My solution for Office Updates: Problems installing Some users have had problems installing the update, wherein the update installer does not recognize the old version of Office, and therefore states that the system does not meet requirements.

This issue can generally be resolved as follows: Download the standalone Office Thanks a million for this update; it was really helpful. I had been struggling with all sorts of things to solve this problem but to no avail. Your insight sorted this out for me. Thanks again. I did exactly what you suggested for Thanks so much. My partner has a 24" iMac, newly installed and updated. He has a new copy of Office This evening he was prompted to Auto update Office, to which he responded yes.

After installation he finds, to his dismay, that his identity was wiped. The file sizes are 0K. There are no traces, though there is a copy of the database in the trash which, when double clicked, opens a blank Entourage screen. I have never seen this behavior before, and seems suspicious. I am wondering what I am missing, or whether others have had this experience? Is there are worm or Trojan Horse out there? I am baffled.

My update experience was very similar to Stephen DeNagy's. My Office identity was "upgraded" and lost approximately messages in the process with no error messages. Time Machine is a partial solution -- I can add back the missing messages by running them back through the mail server between the old and new identities.

Office 2008 Updates

But Office 08 should have been able to handle an upgrade to accounts created by its predecessor. In an abundance of caution, I'm now archiving last year's messages on both Entourage and Mail. One possible cause is that sometimes the Test Drive versions of Office components can remain on a Mac and be launched inadvertently. These can't be upgraded, so if they are launched, they can damage Microsoft data saved by more recent versions in ways that may be difficult to detect. Sometimes the corruption results in destructive upgrades.

This corruption can apparently go on for quite some time. For example, a coworker of mine had been experiencing synchronization failure between his Exchange server and his local data for so long, he had gotten quite used to it, and when confronted with a similar upgrade issue, argued vehemently that Entourage does not allow any local Exchange account data to be accessed if the Exchange server is offline. Office Update: Each and every time that I have updated Office in the last couple of years my identity has been wiped.

I was forced to re-enter the user name and serial number as well. I assumed maybe mistakenly that this was Microsoft's way of insuring that only valid copies were updated. In any event it was so annoying that I quit running updates. I decided if Office was working why take a chance on losing everything by running an update that may have questionable value.

Thanks for your comments!

Download Microsoft Office Update for Mac - free - latest version

There was no demo of Office. It really was a clean update of a brand new machine. The only irregularity I can see is that when he installed the Office disk the first time he hadn't run the suite of Apple updates--they came later. Wynn Pickelsimer wrote: Each and every time that I have updated Office in the last couple of years my identity has been wiped. That's certainly not my experience. The only thing I've seen Office 'forget' after an update is that all my mail account credentials are stored on the Keychain.

Every other application seems to remember Keychain items - and Keychain warns me that the apps have changed on the first run after an update - but not Entourage.

How To Get 2018 Microsoft Office 100% FREE For Mac ! (UPDATED Latest Version 2018)

One practice I follow religiously is backing up my Entourage database immediately before running an Office updater! Or is it a update? Problem with Update: I just updated Microsoft Office to v As shown in the information shown using "Get Info" This is confusing! Downloading the file from Microsoft and using AutoUpdate load the same file. Finally the speeds for opening MS Word are reasonable.

Didn't check Excel or Powerpoint, which I don't use as much. This was fixed in Update 1.