Reset mac wireless keyboard pairing

The LED starts blinking as the button is held, but you must continue to hold till the keyboard shows up in the Bluetooth devices list. Thank you. Holding the Power Button made the difference. My Return Key on the wireless keyboard showed no response at all, even when OS X asked for that 6-digit confirmation when pairing. You saved my keyboard and a trip to apple store.

Thank you!! Holding down the power button until the pairing code was presented did the trick for me. Does not work for my A keyboard wich I bought at craiglist. The keyboard is recognized, 6 digit keypass is seen and can be entered one by one when highlighted but when I press Enter to finish nothing happens failed connection with yellow triangle. The same result on 5 IOS devices. The batteries Duracell not rechargable are new and work on 3 other A keyboards bought together with the failed one without any tricks.

Great resolution. After two hours of frustration, I finally paired my apple keyboard.

How to set up earlier Apple wireless devices

As posted earlier, you have to have faith. Hold the power button for at least 2 minutes. Your email address will not be published.

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How To Fix Mac Bluetooth Issues

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Reset Apple Wireless Keyboard Pairing

After each step, check to see if Bluetooth is working. So you may want to use a wired device. See also: Unable to turn on Bluetooth.

Resetting the Bluetooth Device Firmware (see note)

If none of the methods above work, you may want to contact Apple support. You may also want to make a Genius Bar reservation.

My error was on an early Macbook Pro. Check our Logitech Warranty here. Welcome to Logitech Support.

OS X’s Hidden Bluetooth Debug Menu: Reset Devices and More – The Mac Observer

Your Craft keyboard can connect to your computer using either the Unifying receiver or Bluetooth. Before you connect the Craft keyboard, you should download and install the latest version of Logitech Options software. To start the pairing sequence press and hold down the Easy-Switch button you want to pair your device — the LED will start to blink rapidly.